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The Answer Company - Project Evaluation Specialists

 Underlying Philosophy

The Answer Company’s objective is to help both public and private sector organisations identify, and realise, optimal value from key investments.  We see the essence of our work being to assist organisations make business decisions that are sound, consistent and defensible.  This involves working with stakeholders to:

  • Carefully identify and prioritise desired outcomes and objectives;
  • Identify concerns and issues; and
  • Develop innovative ways to deliver the objectives with full stakeholder support.


  • Outcome-focused:
    We ensure we understand what outcome the client requires, and focus all our advice and actions on achieving that end.
  • Integrity:
    We stake our reputation for excellence on each project that we undertake.
  • Independence:
    We provide comprehensive analysis and advice that is truly independent
  • Responsiveness:
    We believe accurate problem definition can be 80% of the solution, and strive to identify and respond to the client’s fundamental concerns.
  • Communication:
    We communicate clearly using plain English.

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